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Top 15 Places to Have Your Wedding Photographs Taken in Gretna Green

The Gretna Green Brides and Grooms guide to perfect wedding photography

The top 15 places to have your wedding photographs taken in Gretna Green

Credit: Colin Carpenter Photography

We’re lucky enough to live in one of Scotland’s hidden treasures; Dumfries and Galloway. Often forgotten, behind more familiar tourist destinations, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Loch Ness, this does give Southwest Scotland the added advantage of being largely ‘untouched’ in terms of its landscapes, castles and historical landmarks.

Here at the home of love… the Famous Blacksmiths Shop, stands proudly against the green landscapes of the hills and nearby Gretna offers an opposite vista; overlooking the Solway Firth and the fells of Cumbria beyond.

So what does this mean for wedding photography? In essence, you are spoiled for choice! But… wedding days can be busy enough, without worrying about where to get your perfect snaps, so let us give you our top 15 places to have your wedding photographs taken in Gretna Green and Gretna!

Our Top 15 Wedding Photo Destinations in Gretna Green


Under the Chandelier in Greens Atrium

If you’ve never seen the incredible ‘chandelier’ in Greens at Gretna hotel atrium, you probably won’t understand its appeal; but let us show you why it makes such a wonderful photo with the image below!

Wedding photo under the chandelier in Greens Hotel atrium

Credit: Ruthless Images


The Smiths Penthouse Balcony

Exclusive to couples marrying or staying in the Penthouse at Smiths, having your photo taken before and after your wedding on the balcony of the Penthouse is always a lovely photo to keep.

Wedding photo on the Smiths Hotel Penthouse balcony, Gretna Green

Credit: GJP Photography


The Steps at Gretna Hall

A some-what traditional pose, many couples still choose to have their photos taken on the red-carpet steps of Gretna Hall Hotel, with its traditional sign above the door! Our favourite Gretna Hall steps photos have been family and group shots, with guests cascading the steps and the couple above like the top of a wedding cake!

Wedding photo on the front steps of Gretna Hall hotel, Gretna Green


The Rennison Room in the Famous Blacksmiths Shop

The Rennison Room is titled for its namesake Richard Rennison, the last Anvil Preist in Gretna Green, who retired in 1940 when the laws regarding the legitimacy of this Scottish marriage tradition were repealed. This room is our most intimate wedding venue and is a favourite with couples travelling to Gretna Green to marry alone and couples looking to take pictures signing the registry. We say… don’t miss the chance to capture this iconic Gretna Green shot!

Wedding photo in the Rennison Room at the Famous Blacksmith Shop Gretna Green

Credit: Colin Carpenter Photography


The Coach Museum at the Famous Blacksmiths Shop

The Coach Museum, located in the Famous Blacksmiths Shop, exhibits a fantastic collection of Scottish travel memorabilia, including horse-drawn coaches and carriages, bicycles, and farming machinery too!  Posing in front of the beautifully preserved ‘Yellow’ coach and the Gretna Green Since 1754 sign is a must-do when you marry in Gretna Green. If you choose to have a piper at your wedding, he will also join you for pictures in the coach museum! A great memory from the day!

Wedding photo in the Coach Museum at The Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop


Outside the Old Toll Bar, Gretna

Built in 1830, for the purpose its name suggests, the Old Toll Bar is the first and last house in Scotland and stands proudly at the entrance (and consequentially exit) to Gretna village.  With over 10,000 marriages performed in this small historic building, it is a truly romantic setting and having your photograph taken in front of the white and black exterior with the Scotland flag blowing in the wind, (we think) makes for a fantastic photograph!

Wedding photo outside the Old Toll Bar, Gretna Marriage Room


The Smiths Gated Gardens

Our 4-star boutique hotel, Smiths at Gretna Green, has some beautiful gated gardens which sit outside our function rooms. Posing outside of the woven gates is a popular photo stop for both couples and family and group shots! We recommend standing to face the sun, to capture these shots in the best possible light!

Wedding photo in the Smiths Hotel Gardens, Gretna Green

Credit: GJP Photography


Outside the Famous Blacksmiths Shop

While some couples are content with the interiors of the Famous Blacksmiths Shop, many others also want to capture their love in front of the historic building's exterior too! We love the juxtaposition of new love in front of old love in these photographs!

Wedding photo outside the Famous Blacksmiths Shop, Gretna Green Since 1754

Credit: Colin Carpenter Photography


Gretna Hall Gardens & Pergola

The Gretna Hall gardens, surrounding the 18th-century former manor house are part of the 10 acres of land circumventing the hotel. Couples love posing under the pergola, next to the ancient anvil and in front of the ‘Kissing Gate’ too. Throughout the year, the Gretna Hall gardens, change with the colours of the season, but remain a beautiful place to capture your day!

Wedding photo in the Gretna Hall Hotel Gardens, Gretna Green

Credit: Colin Carpenter Photography

Wedding photo outside the Gretna Hall Garden Pergola, Gretna Green


The Water Gardens at Greens Hotel

The first and last hotel in Scotland, Greens at Gretna sits at the very edge of Gretna Village, just a stone’s throw from the border and directly opposite the historic Old Toll Bar.  Its gardens, designed several years ago and originally exhibited at a UK flower show, are based around a heart-shaped pond and inspired by the gardens and plants of Japan! An extremely popular outdoor wedding venue, it is also a wonderful place to pose for various photographs, including under the pergola in front of the Anvil, on the red bridge or in front of the fountain. We recommend that you call ahead to ensure availability if you are not marrying in the gardens themselves so that you don’t bump into a wedding couple!

Wedding photo on the red bridge at Greens Hotel Water Gardens, Gretna

Credit: Ruthless Images

Wedding photo in front of the wedding pergola in the Water Gardens at Greens hotel, Gretna


The Coach House at Gretna Hall

As the name suggests, the Coach House at Gretna Hall once housed visiting coaches for guests joining the family at the Gretna Estate Manor House and in its later life the hotel. Now, it is home to only one, beautifully restored and preserved coach and is one of Gretna Hall’s most popular historic wedding venues. Recently refurbished to now include rows of pews for guests attending the ceremony, posing in front of the vintage coach is fast-becoming a favourite for Gretna Green wedding photographs. Please make sure you arrange ahead of time if you are not marrying in the coach house, as you will need permission to access the coach house; subject to availability.

Wedding photo in the Coach House at Gretna Hall Hotel and Historic Marriage House

Credit: Colin Carpenter Photography


The "Big Dance" at the Famous Blacksmiths Shop

Commissioned especially for the Famous Blacksmiths Shop courtyard, to add to the late Adair Houston’s incredible sculpture collection, the joined hands are probably the the most popular photo point for visitors to the Blacksmiths Shop attraction, just behind the Kissing Arch. For couples, the best photographs here are most definitely by night, as the hands are lit from below by white lights creating the most spectacular ambience for the perfect romantic photo! They are also a great spot for fun family photos! We have seen more than a few children captured under the hands, over the years and we never tire of seeing it either.

Wedding photo in front of the joined hands sculpture at the Famous Blacksmiths Shop in Gretna Green

Credit: Colin Carpenter Photography


The Courtship Maze Bridge

A relatively new stop on the Gretna Green Wedding Photo tour, the bridge located in the centre of the Courtship Maze (which from the sky is actually two interlocking wedding rings), offers a fabulous opportunity for unique photos amongst the LoveLocks, in front of the ancient anvil, overlooking the fields beyond! We recommend the bridge for the perfect picture at sunset! Inside the maze, there are also some hidden seats, which make great places for seated wedding photographs too!

Wedding photo on the Lovelock bridge in the Courtship Maze, Gretna Green


The Kissing Gate and Gretna Green Sign

If you have heard of Gretna Green, then you will know that our place name is as famous as our history its self. Which is why posing in front of and behind the Gretna Green Since 1754 sign and under our Kissing Gate are two of the most sought-after wedding shots in Gretna Green. If you marry in the Famous Blacksmiths Shop, then the kissing gate and sign are a core pose, but even if you don’t we still recommend you come and capture this iconic shot, if only for the keepsake!

Wedding photo at the Kissing Gate Arch in Gretna Green

Credit: Jess Rose Photography

Wedding photo in front of the Gretna Green Since 1754 famous sign

Credit: GJP Photography


The Original Marriage Room

As you can imagine, the number one, most popular wedding photograph for a Gretna Green couple, is behind the world-famous Anvil, in the room where Anvil weddings first began, back in 1754. The old stone floors and walls and that historic black door holds the romance and excitement of the couple’s centuries before you. A truly electric room and the best keepsake of a Gretna Green wedding that you will take home… other than your newly wedded spouse of course! If you are marrying in one of our other venues, but would still like to have your photo taken in the original marriage room, please just give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Wedding photo in the Original Marriage Room of the Famous Blacksmiths Shop Gretna Green with the Anvil

There are many more incredible shots to be found in Gretna Green and Gretna… in the fields outside Smiths, even in the road! We’ve seen many stunning and unique compositions over the years, but we would love to see more of your unique ways to capture your wedding!

We love seeing all of our couples wedding photos, past and present, so please make sure you share them with us! Follow us on social media to take part in #weddingwall Wednesdays where your photo could be shared with everyone next week!

If you would like to discuss getting married at Gretna Green or Gretna, in any of our venues, you can talk with our experienced Wedding Planners, on 01461 336001 or by emailing [email protected] or why not Request a Brochure to see all that we have to offer!


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