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Proposal Tips

Congratulations on planning to take that next step on your journey of love. To help you drop the question as smoothly as possible, we've pulled together ten proposal tips that will help you get the 'yes' you want: 

Proposal tips at a glance: 

  1. Don't propose without a ring, also get the right size 
  2. Select a sentimental location 
  3. Chat with their Parents 
  4. Personalize your proposal 
  5. Get Personal 
  6. Plan a Celebration 
  7. Have a Photographer on Standby 
  8. Keep the Ring Safe 
  9. Practice makes perfect.  
  10. Speak from the heart 

Our first tip begins right at the beginning... the ring. Avoid any awkward moments with your loved one, and make sure you find a ring that suits and fits them! Try to think like them rather than you, as they are the ones going to be wearing it!  

Location is everything, don’t worry about it being on top of the Eiffel tower; just make sure you pick a location that means something to you both. This could be a first date location, your favourite restaurant or your living room, wherever you both feel comfortable and happy. Once you’ve found that place, you are flying... 

Although it is now about respect rather than asking the question, we also advise having a chat with your partner's parents or guardians. This keeps their side of the family in the loop and could help avoid future disputes.  

Personalize your proposal, we could give you all the tips in the world, but nothing says I love you like personalisation. Make sure your proposal is as thoughtful as possible, like our second tip, location means nothing unless it means something to you both. 

Proposals should be intimate, so we advise making them as personal to your partner as possible. However, they are also a huge milestone in your life! So, our next tip is to plan a celebration after. Why not have a post-proposal party? Or simply invite your nearest and dearest over after to have drinks and food.  

Memories are everything, so we advise you get a photographer on standby. This doesn’t mean you need to pay loads for a professional. Why not ask a friend to be on standby for you? Or if this is too much, simply ask someone nearby beforehand. The organisation is key for this as we are sure many people would be keen to help; it's just getting the timing right! 

You love them, we know you do, and they know they do. However, expressing this isn’t always the easiest. Practice makes perfect. So, make sure you have what you plan to say recited and ready to go. On topic, our final tip is just to make sure whatever you say is from the heart. Forget everything else, make sure your words have meaning.  

 Good luck with your proposal. When you get your answer, it'll be time to start planning your dream wedding. Our free wedding brochure can help you with that. It's packed with everything you need to know about our venues and wedding packages and all that Gretna Green has to offer to make your big day as special as it can be. 

Be sure to visit us for our Wedding Open Weekend in March – 11th & 12th - to see our hotels, venues and the site in person and get a free consultation with our wedding team.   

Gretna Green Wedding Open Weekend - November 2023

Gretna Green Wedding Open Weekend

Find out why we’re the Original Home of Romance - Explore our magnificent marriage rooms, see our stunning reception set-ups and tour our exquisite hotel suites at Gretna Hall and Smiths Hotel. Enjoy a complimentary glass of fizz and canapes while you chat with our award-winning Wedding Team and feel the allure of Gretna Green.

Use our form below to pre-register for our November 2023 wedding open weekend, and our Wedding Team will be in touch to confirm your appointment. See you soon.

Why Marry on Leap Day 2020 at Gretna Green, Scotland?

The Symbolic Meanings Behind Your Leap Day Wedding

The 29th February is a date which only occurs every four years but there’s so much more to this incredible quadrennial day! Read all about the history and symbolism of this special date and discover our exclusive Leap Day Wedding Special Offer.

Large Weddings at Gretna Green, Scotland

Discover Gretna Green’s Range of Large & Bespoke Weddings

Have you got big ideas for your big day? Here at Gretna Green, we have a range of large wedding packages and special offers, as well as our bespoke wedding planning service, right at your fingertips.

Currently, our largest all-inclusive package is the The ‘Love Story’ 40-60 Guest Wedding, including a variety of wedding necessities as well as exclusive extras; meaning you can relax knowing your special day has all been taken care of. Find out more below about this package, pet-friendly receptions and rooms, wedding gifts and favours, and everything else you’d like to know about marrying at Gretna Green, Scotland.

Love Story Special Offer

Benefits Of A Gretna Green Wedding That You Might Not Already Know

Exciting Benefits and Extras When You Marry at Gretna Green, Scotland

Why marry at Gretna Green? Aside from our world-famous story and unique history of Anvil Weddings, Gretna Green has numerous other brilliant qualities to make your wedding day stress-free and enjoyable for both you and your guests.

Why Marry at Gretna Green?

Gretna Green Winter Wedding Open Day 2019

Gretna Green Winter Wedding Open Day 2019

Pre-Register Today For Our Winter Wedding Open Day 2019

And Join us on Sunday 17th November 2019

Looking for wedding inspiration? Curious to know what Gretna Green has to offer? Join us for our Winter Wedding Open Day on Sunday 17 November 2019 across our venues; including The Famous Blacksmiths Shop, Smiths at Gretna Green Hotel, Gretna Hall Hotel and Historic Marriage House and Greens at Gretna Hotel. 

Meet with our wedding planners for an informal chat, or arrange a private one-to-one, tour our venues, view our suites and be inspired by local suppliers.

Open from 10 am to 4 pm.

Register below.

Note: registration closes at 23.59 on Saturday 16 November 2019. You can still register at any of our venues on the day.


Religious Wedding Ceremonies Performed by a Minister at Gretna Green, Scotland

Why Choose A Religious Wedding Ceremony at Gretna Green?

Religious Ceremony

Religious ceremonies performed by a Minister are becoming increasingly popular at Gretna Green! And why might that be? Well, a religious service is similar to that of a church wedding but not as formal, and you’re free to tailor your wedding so it’s just right for you. A marriage conducted by a Minister can also lower the cost of your marriage fees, with the hiring of a Minister costing just $234.70! (Registrars now costing up to $649.60)

Spring Wedding Open Day 2019

Our Spring Wedding day is on Sunday, the 10th of March 2019, 10-4pm.

Q&A with our wedding planners at Gretna Hall

Gretna Hall hotel, as a Historic Marriage house, was initially built in 1710. This traditional Scottish hotel has stood in the heart of Gretna Green for over 300 years as was made famous for hosting a series of high-profile aristocratic weddings in the 1800’s. Set in a beautiful parkland, Gretna Hall appeals to everyone with its unique combination of Scottish tradition, modernity amenities and refined décor.

 Gretna Hall

Top 15 Places to Have Your Wedding Photographs Taken in Gretna Green

The Gretna Green Brides and Grooms guide to perfect wedding photography

The top 15 places to have your wedding photographs taken in Gretna Green

Credit: Colin Carpenter Photography

We’re lucky enough to live in one of Scotland’s hidden treasures; Dumfries and Galloway. Often forgotten, behind more familiar tourist destinations, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Loch Ness, this does give Southwest Scotland the added advantage of being largely ‘untouched’ in terms of its landscapes, castles and historical landmarks.

Here at the home of love… the Famous Blacksmiths Shop, stands proudly against the green landscapes of the hills and nearby Gretna offers an opposite vista; overlooking the Solway Firth and the fells of Cumbria beyond.

So what does this mean for wedding photography? In essence, you are spoiled for choice! But… wedding days can be busy enough, without worrying about where to get your perfect snaps, so let us give you our top 15 places to have your wedding photographs taken in Gretna Green and Gretna!

Unique Valentine's Day Wedding Proposals at Gretna Green

The perfect, unique proposal idea for Valentine's Day proposals in 2018

Valentine's Day Proposal Package at Gretna Green

How to Book Your Gretna Green Wedding in 7 Easy Steps

7 Easy Steps to Planning a Gretna Green Wedding

So you’re engaged? And you’ve always wanted to have your special day at Gretna Green?

Congratulations! That’s such exciting news … and we’re definitely thrilled that you’re thinking about Gretna Green! But where to start? Relax … arranging your wedding with us is easy: just decide on your date, choose your ceremony venue and banqueting venue, and your preferred hotel for accommodation. You will also need to consider if you wish to have a minister or registrar; but worry not, our wedding team is here to help and guide you through each stage...




Wedding Gifts Ideas - Top Tips from Gretna Green

Welcome to summer … or as it may also be known … wedding season! Whether you’re a regular wedding aficionado or never been, we know just how much of a challenge it can be to find that perfect wedding gift! Still searching? Let us help...we know a thing or two about love, romance and weddings here at the Famous Blacksmiths Shop! We've put together some of our favourite Scottish Wedding Gifts...our vast range of unique wedding gift ideas are ideal if you're looking for something that little bit different!

Wedding Wednesdays - The Gretna Green Waiting List

We love talking about all things weddings here! As we welcome our happy couples to  Gretna Green Famous Blacksmith Shop, Smiths Hotel, Greens at Gretna, Gretna Hall or the Old Toll Bar we get asked many questions... We've been hearing some quite frequently so we've gathered our most frequently asked questions about Gretna Green which we've had our wonderful wedding team answer...

Love is in the air at Gretna Green!

Love hearts? Check. Lovelocks? Check. It's all go as we prepare to welcome Valentine's Day 2017 here at Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop.

You may have heard through the grapevine that weddings and romance are slowing ... but fear not ... that's due to wedding numbers being down on last year/2015 due to Valentine's Day falling mid-week this year (always less popular than when it falls at the weekend). We can assure you that love is very much alive and well and in the air here at Gretna Green this Valentine's Day!

Eloping - Top Tips from Gretna Green

Think of the word 'elope' and Gretna Green often springs to mind. For one, it's what made this wee place just over the Scottish border famous as young couples in love made the journey here determined to wed.

Although times have changed (and now a little more time and notice is required to complete the legal aspects), many couples still choose to 'elope' to Gretna Green. Modern elopements can vary from just the couple to a select, intimate group of friends and family.



If a traditional wedding just not your thing, you may be looking for some tips or elopement ideas? We've gone to our team of expert wedding planners to share some of their favourite advice on 'eloping' to Gretna Green - 2016 style!

Uncovering the Origins of Lucky Wedding Traditions

As we're busy writing this, we're all reminiscing in the office about the weddings we've been to over the years! One thing that's always a talking point are the different wedding traditions often included simply because it's 'tradition'. But where did these come from? We were did a bit of digging and found a plethora of fascinating facts. Here are some of our favourite wedding traditions....and their origins!

How to....Personalise Your Gretna Green Wedding

Every couple wants to make their reception memorable - but it's sometimes hard to come up with "out-of-the-box" ideas! Here at Smiths Hotel and Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop, we've spotted a number of highly creative receptions set up whilst we've been popping to and fro recently. We thought we'd share these with you - could trigger a brainwave or two, don't you think?

Secret Blessings at Gretna Green

We get many a query here at the Famous Blacksmith Shop asking if it would be possible to organise a 'surprise' wedding.....sadly, however romantic this may seem (yes, we've also watched the Youtube video of the surprise proposal and wedding on one day!), legal paperwork says nope! (Find what you need to get married at Gretna Green here.)

However, if you're already married and wish to surprise your spouse with a secret blessing......YOU CAN!







One of our very own, Margaret Salaman, did just that to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary! Awwwww! Just like Mags did, arranging a secret blessing can be the unexpected romantic gesture and a wonderful way of celebrating a special anniversary!


Is there a waiting list at Gretna Green?

We receive all sorts of queries here at Gretna Green Famous Blacksmith Shop and Smiths Hotel- some of the most common we answered in our recent blog on the myths of this mysterious and romantic place! However, as of late, a new question has been popular...

Quite a few of you wish to know what the waiting list for getting married at Gretna Green Famous Blacksmith Shop or Smiths Hotel is!



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